Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nail fungus and discoloration from acrylic nails?

After wearing acrylic nails for a long period of time, my nails were discolored and frail. It has been 7 months and my nails are healthy again with acception of some existing discoloration (lighter areas near tips)- I am looking for a way to clear them up without needing prescription- someone who has used a product that works for this type of problem. I have tried alchohol soaking, and a nail gel that was supposed to be for this kind of problem which helped clear up, they still aren't 100% cleared up. ThanksNail fungus and discoloration from acrylic nails?
you need to go to the spa and get a proper nail file done. i do this at home. i take a fine grain nail file and file the nail bed. then i take a manicure block (you can get these at the drug store for super cheap) and i use the coarsest one first , then the pink 'cuticle' side , then i finish with the smooth buffing side. it gets rid of most of the discoloration. if you have managed to almost completely remove it already this may finally just get rid of it all for you. if you dont want the trouble and you have the money i suggest going to the spa for a full file and manicure.

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